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 tag 10:05 am on August 3, 2016
A Picture of tag

tag captured through the years

When you step into an ad agency, it’s usually obvious you’re not in a typical office. Between the open concept layouts and bright-coloured walls, rooms, and workspaces, the expressive décor is impossible to ignore. What people usually don’t recognize, however, is the symbolism beneath the eccentric atmosphere. If walls could talk, you’d be captivated by their stories.

Culture is huge in this industry. It sets the foundation to foster out-of-the-box thinking, build relationships, and most importantly, generate chemistry. At tag, our space is our family room. It’s not only comfortable and inviting, but every area, every corner, every piece of art on the wall is rooted in 20 years of experiences, events, and memories that represent who we are today.tagwoa

Teamwork is crucial to succeed in a business that thrives on creative innovation, and we value this heavily. At tag, we believe is that no one is merely a cog in the machine – everyone plays a vital role in the DNA of the collective group. As a result, over the years our team has led various agency-wide exercises that celebrate who we are, how far we’ve come, and the impact of lasting relationships we’ve created over the years.


Some of these include: our 12 foot Lego wall which helps taggers (and guests alike) the opportunity to tap into their inner creative child; our tagger bottle collection featuring taggers favourite libations customized to their own personal characters; and our Wall of Awesome where taggers can celebrate one another in an assembly of one-to-one appreciation notes.

In honor of our 20th anniversary, the team initiated two other projects to commemorate our achievements and strengthen our atmosphere.

Naturally, building upon our collection of meaningful wall art was a no-brainer. So we did this in a few ways; first, we created a mosaic of expressive art celebrating 20 years of individuality and inspiration – courtesy of everyone at tag. The amalgamation of canvases resulted in a unique, multi-dimensional montage that highlights 20 years of imagination, collaboration, and the roots of revolutionary ideas that fuel our drive every single day.tag20

If you’ve seen our walls you know we couldn’t stop there. Our next challenge was to cover our front foyer in an explosion of memories, 20 years worth and counting. Hundreds of photos fused together to show our endless appreciation for each other, and for tag. While the collage blends together years of events, togetherness and camaraderie into one striking visual, a different photo stands out with every new glance. Each member of the tag family – past and present – has added tremendous value to the team. It’s undeniable we have an impact on one another, so we continue to grow the collage as we grow as a team – in other words, we celebrate tag by celebrating those whom tag would not be the same without.

We spend most of the days of our life at work. The people we work with are our second family, and our office is our second home. The friendships created become coveted relationships and are life long. ‘Once a tagger, always a tagger’, is our unwritten internal mantra. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; but at tag, the pictures on the walls are different – they represent more than just a snapshot of a past moment in time. They symbolize our unwavering dedication and perseverance, our creativity and passion, our individuality as well as our solidarity and companionship.

Come by any time. See what we’ve done with the place. Meet these remarkable people. Make yourself at home.








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Philips Logo, FCH Logo and Ricoh Logo

These brands achieved double digit growth by working with tag's truthology platform.

Sign up for our FREE truthology workshop and get on your way to achieving great results like these*

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