tag talks! 1-on-1 with Danica Wolch, Director of Client Services

 tag 9:13 am on October 17, 2017
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Danica Wolch’s perspective on mastering client relationships and what it takes for a brand to stand out. 

Describe your role at tag.

As Director of Client Services, I oversee the account team who is the first line of support, essentially the intuitive link between the agency and client. We’re tasked with understanding each one of our client’s business, challenges and objectives and gathering all the critical information to develop insightful briefs ensuring success for all client endeavours. Developing strong and valuable relationships with our clients and becoming experts in all of our client’s categories is paramount.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by different things on a week-to-week basis. This week I’m inspired by helping to create a new brand identity for an existing client. Last week, I was inspired by the luxury of being able to observe the flow of the agency and make recommendations for improvements. The week before that, I was inspired by a team member who identified their career goals and, together, we outlined the steps required to help this colleague achieve those goals.

I’m also deeply inspired by our work. The ideas and creativity that come out of this group of talented thinkers never cease to amaze me. Frankly, I’m inspired by the work in the industry as a whole – we are lucky to work at a time when technology and creativity are coming together like never before. There’s a tremendous amount of thought-provoking, innovative work out there.

tag’s client relationships are proven to be strong and long lasting. Why do you think that is?

Our client relationships are rooted in true partnership. There’s recognition of the value that both parties bring to the table. Some of our best relationships rely on mutual trust and respect that allow us to speak freely and recommend ideas that may be unexpected, challenge the original task at hand or defy convention. Our relationships are long lasting because we are very passionate and good at what we do, and our clients value that. We have an excellent track record of delivering results.

A client asks for a mass awareness broadcast campaign, but after research, it’s clear that the company’s metrics and budgets are better aligned with a targeted digital campaign – how do you handle this?

It really depends on the relationship with the client (whether it’s your first time working together or whether they’re a long term client). I believe that clients rely on their agencies to review and analyze the request and to recommend the solution they feel would generate the most favourable results against the objective. tag’s truthology™ platform is rooted in uncovering “the truth” – the most important and compelling insight that has the power to motivate a change in behaviour. If you can rationalize your recommendation and support it with an irrefutable truth, it’s hard to argue against that.

Some people believe that awareness marketing is a one-trick pony. Do you agree?

Awareness is typically the primary goal for a brand to be recognized by their potential customer and the first step for a brand to develop a relationship with their target audience. Brand awareness is essential in cultivating how your target perceives your products and business. While business objectives typically evolve from there, brand awareness is essential for all advertisers.

A key step in campaign or brand development is a competitive audit. Why is this important? 

It’s important to understand the competitive set so we can carve out a unique space within a specific category for our clients. We review the competition’s positioning, messaging, media channels, and creative approach. From there, we can clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors within our market and develop strategies that will provide our clients with a distinct advantage.

What are some of the most common challenges your clients are facing today?

I think one of the most common challenges businesses face today is how to stand out. That’s why the first phase of tag’s truthology™ platform is so critical. It allows us to uncover the transformational opportunity that will motivate a change in behaviour and influence our target at every stage. tag has an amazing ability to find insights that are original, bold, and authentic and deliver results every time. Couple that with a strong outreach strategy and it’s a winning combination!

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These brands achieved double digit growth by working with tag's truthology™ platform

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Philips Logo, FCH Logo and Ricoh Logo

These brands achieved double digit growth by working with tag's truthology platform.

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