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 tag 10:38 am on January 8, 2014
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Toronto, ON – After many years of consistent growth, new product launches and expansion in the Canadian marketplace Bento Sushi has decided to redesign it’s packaging so that it better reflects the brand in a more holistic way. This was the first initiative of many that focused on developing a more succinct and differentiated brand position and proposition.

“We loved the design right from the start. It really captured how we saw the brand and how we wanted our consumers to see it,” says Erica Gale, VP Marketing & Quality Assurance Bento Sushi.

The new design was spearheaded by tag idea revolution that approached the work with a minimalistic, clean white and black style with touch of Japanese Zen.


“This was an exciting opportunity to start something from scratch and really delve in. Getting back to design basics is always challenging because there is so much out there to compete against. But with Bento Sushi, we just zeroed-in on the design right off the top because we we’re given such a clear essence of the brand. Our objectives were clear: Evoke a sense of freshness, quality and simplicity for the dry goods product line. Speak to authenticity of the Bento Sushi experience. Remove clutter and distraction in favour of order and the purity of the brand offering. Unify the Bento at Home product line and make the experience at shelf easy to navigate.” Fabio Orlando, Chief Creative Officer at tag.

The new packaging appears on Bento Sushi kiosk shelves and major retail channels beginning in mid December 2013, across Canada.

About tag idea revolution
tag idea revolution is an integrated marketing communications agency, including advertising, communications and brand development. Using its truthology™ platform, tag generates revolutionary ideas driven by undeniable insights (the truth) to inspire groundbreaking creative thinking, spur change, overcome barriers, instigate reactions, and ultimately, produce compelling results.


About Bento Sushi
We train more elite sushi chefs than anyone else. To the tune of more than 10 million sushi portions served every year since 1996. That’s a lot of sushi. And that requires a lot of sushi chefs. At present, we have over 900 highly trained sushi chefs on staff hand-rolling sushi for an equally large number of on-site sushi bars, and ‘grab and go’ locations. Now, if that doesn’t scream ‘hand-crafted sushi’ then nothing will. So you see why we’re committed to providing the best tasting and highest quality sushi: we have close to a thousand knife-wielding men and women in our midst who wouldn’t have it any other way.


Media contact:

Erica Gale
VP Marketing & Quality Assurance
Bento Sushi

Fabio Orlando
Chief Creative Officer
tag idea revolution
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These brands achieved double digit growth by working with tag's truthology platform.

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