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 tag 11:56 am on February 22, 2016
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2015 Philips Female Beauty – “It’s About Time” campaign

Communication Strategy:

Philips’ Female Beauty campaigns historically focused on the technical benefits of the products, concentrating on the promise of smooth skin which, in reality, is what every depilation product should be expected to deliver. Not particularly differentiating.

We challenged Philips to explore a new strategy, shifting focus away from parallel competitors, and towards eroding share from a competing category. Here’s how:

We knew women would respond better to a more emotive narrative. As the leader in the electric depilation category, the overarching strategy was to steal share from the blade category and motivate blade users to consider Philips’ electric products. The “Thwart the Blade” mandate was born, professing the benefits of electric, including: timesaving, long-term cost effectiveness, no nicks/cuts, and overall convenience. Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.02.47 AM

Brand Purpose:

Philips delivers innovation that matters to you.


To increase awareness of Philips Female Depilation and Skincare Products by concentrating on Philips’ current portfolio offering through the use of promotions, trial and coupons. The goal was to create a target campaign to achieve market share of 40% (from 38.8%).


Philips is the market share leader in the electric category; so the challenge was not only to sustain that position, but also to deliver strategy to help grow that share even further.

Target Profile:

Women, who have skincare routines, but seek alternatives to professional hair removal treatments: those looking for convenient and cost-effective options that will produce genuine benefits.

Key Insight:

Women often don’t put themselves first. They’re time-starved and don’t spend as much time as they’d like in their personal care. 

Content Strategy:

Connect the benefits of switching to electric with the emotional feeling women experience when they look and feel their best.

Contact Strategy:

The campaign was executed through targeted programmatic banners and print/magazine ads, strategically placed in publications and online media sites that appealed most to the target.

Concept: “It’s About Time”

Celebrate timesaving and lifestyle-enhancing opportunities that women experience when they use Philips Female Depilation and beauty products.

Content theme: It’s about time consumers had an innovative product that helps achieve natural beauty without the hassle of razors or expensive spa treatments. Whether it’s work, play or personal time – women want to look and feel their best. With Philips, it’s about time they can.


The “It’s About Time” campaign helped Philips obtain a 42.5% market share in its Female Depilation category, which had never before been reached. In sum, we tripled the expected growth.

Exceeding clients’ expectations validates more than just hard work; it illustrates the value of tag’s truthology™ platform coming to life within every engagement and campaign. By uncovering the truth – the most meaningful insights about our target audiences – we can effectively turn creative strategies into compelling executions. At times, this includes shifting messaging away from the commonplace. Ultimately our goal is for each campaign to resonate with our target audiences and in turn, drive sales. Building upon existing foundations of client relationships supports a mutual objective of not only meeting expectations, but exceeding them.

Philips, First Choice Haircutters and Ricoh logos.

These brands achieved double digit growth by working with tag's truthology™ platform

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Philips Logo, FCH Logo and Ricoh Logo

These brands achieved double digit growth by working with tag's truthology platform.

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