The day after an historic federal election, many Canadians are asking themselves how such a big win for the liberals could have happened. Weeks of campaigning, debates, personal attacks and policy shifts have taken their toll on us all but, when it came time to go to the polls, Canadians chose the brand, er leader, that they felt most connected with.



Try as they did, the conservatives, and to some smaller extent the NDP, could not convince the populace that Justin was “not ready”. No, that sentiment did not resonate and, perhaps, the attempt to discredit Mr. Trudeau and his promise of a happier, more fulfilled Canada, created a reverse reaction that drew support his way.


Was this election more about a candidate-brand vote? Were the policies overshadowed by the emotional optimism of Mr. Trudeau? Or did Canada, hopefully, vote for what they truly believed was the best government party to take us forward. Like any brand we chose to align with, the impact on us will determine whether the choice was right.

The proof will come in how the promise is delivered and the analysis begins immediately. Interesting times.